What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the practice of using scientific and evidence based approach in restoring the body's natural movement and posture by incorporating strengthening, stretching exercises and educating the patient to move, live and feel better. In order to achieve this the physiotherapist uses different evidence based techniques like manual therapy, exercise therapy, soft tissue mobilisation, acupuncture, electrotherapy to name a few. The most important skill of the physiotherapist is in the diagnosis of the patients problem and the underlying root cause for the problem.

Does Online Physiotehrapy Help?

Yes, it definitely helps. It helps the you to identify the problem and take immediate remedial action to rectify the problem. If the problem requires hands on treatment then I will let you know.

Online physiotherapy can help with

  • Identifying the problem
  • Advice
  • Exercise prescription
  • Education
  • Preventative measures
  • Ergonomic advice

Can I Consult A Physiotherapist Without Seeing A Family Physician/Doctor?

Yes, you definitely can. Physiotherapist are qualified professionals to deal with variety of neuro musculoskeletal problems. Please do check that they are registered with the licensing authority/registered regulatory body to practice physical therapy/Physiotherapy in your country of residence.

The Therapist:

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist working in the United   Kingdom. I was born in India and graduated in Physiotherapy in 1998 from the MGR Medical University in India. After working for a few months in private practice I completed a graduate diploma in Rehabilitation from the Osmania University in 2000. I also pursued a short career as a lecturer in Physiotherapy. My early experience in physiotherapy and patient care motivated me to study with commitment, and I excelled in my academic career in physiotherapy. My ambition to gain more knowledge and experience led me to move to South Africa and complete my master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Pretoria in 2004, specialising in musculoskeletal manual therapy. Since 2004 I have been practicing Physiotherapy in the UK and I am currently working for a leading private hospital as a Lead physiotherapist.


I have more than 18 years’ experience in the field of physiotherapy and I am very committed and passionate about patient care. I have always been fascinated by Darwin and with his concepts of evolution even as a schoolboy. I used to always question about why certain things happen to the human body such as increase in blood pressure, low back pain etc. As a clinician I was puzzled by patients coming to me with no apparent history of injury or trauma. Some patients came to me with the same problem at different times even after the symptoms have been resolved with physiotherapy and other allied healthcare and medical intervention. After years of reflection and going through the concepts and phases of evolution, I now believe that the root cause of most ailments of the human body is fundamentally due to lack of effective conditioning. I travelled to the US on a fellowship to spend time at the Mayo clinic, which is world renowned for exemplary patient care. Ever since my visit to the clinic, I had always dreamt of starting something unique to the benefit of the patients, to be then continued even after my time. I want to combine my understanding of how the human body works in evolutionary terms and my understanding of what exemplary patient care is to promote a unique rehabilitation service. I have called the provision of this service as the Evolutionary healthcare. This service is to be provided online as the Evolutionary Physiotherapy Clinic and a proposed new centre to be started in the UK in Spring 2019 as the Evolutionary Wellness centre. The core pillar of the service is to restore function, conditioning and optimisation of the human body.

My Membership:

  • HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council UK) PH68068
  • CSP (Chartered society of Physiotherapy UK) 072332
  • BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society) 33545
  • AAAS (American Association For The Advancement Of Science) 60016026

Consultation Process:

Once you decide to go-ahead with the consultation, please choose the package you need. After the payment has gone through please complete the online consent and assessment form. Within 24 hours I will be in touch with you though e mail for a convenient time for you to chat with me. This will be through a secure site called Physitrack. We will discuss your problem and I will go through the initial assessment. The Initial Assessment consists of:

  • Your discussion of your needs with me
  • An evaluation of your needs
  • A full objective examination of your problem and
  • Developing a programme of recommended action to address your needs and requirements to help you with your recovery. To fully understand your problem, I might ask you to remove some clothing. If you do not want to, you don't have to, but your assessment can be compromised. If your problem needs exercises to recover, then I will e-mail the exercises to you.